Missouri Messianics

About Missouri Messianics Website

MM is the only open-access public website of its kind in Springfield or Missouri. 


One goal, several facets;

  • Provide communication source.
  • Provide infomation resources.
  • Promote public understanding.
  • Promote Messianic movement and, within that scope, teach the truth of Messiah throughout this world, for eternal salvation of both "Jew and gentile", or Hebrew and Christian, as well as the lost and pagan. 
  • Promote trust and peace.
  • Promote world awarness.
  • Share the true Messiah of all.
Yes, to promote true worship and salvage mortal souls unto everlasting immortality.

May Almighty God, YHWH, bless you.


"Missouri Messianics" / this website, will not collect, share, sell or purposely provide any visitors personal, private information, for any reason, at any time.

MM will not send unsolicited emails, or spam, to those connecting with or contacting MM.

It is sunset, growing dark quickly, time for an evening, the days drawn out, casting shadows long and the end of summer so near. There is a harvest waiting to be reaped, taken up and placed in permanent storage, awaiting no other year to arrive, already done and gone, but the new day, in an hour that now comes.   

~ E.b.Y. 

© 2011

Conversion is a personal decision and issue of a private matter, which should not and is not to be forced upon anyone, or "prostylized"
Those who wish to request prayers, please refer to PRAYER page.
For those needing immediate help, visit our LINKS page for hotlines and much more.
Yah bless and keep you.


MIssouri Messianics and YolaSite are not, in any way, directly associated to nor affiliated with one another. 

The beliefs and views expressed here do not reflect those of Yola nor all Messianic members of the Body of Messiah, or Body of his Bride.  

The vast majority of text material that one finds here is that produced by "Missouri Messianics" website, or its owner / managing administrator, as well as other contributing members of MM.

Whenever other material is borrowed, MM does its best to contact and receive permission or  respectfully uses under guideline rules of posting permission and restrictions and/or shows credit for or simply provides a link to other material, for informational resources.

Images on this site may belong to MM, while some are gleaned from the internet.  If any images are found to be protected by copyright  or other legal means, they shall be removed immediately, with open apology. However, it is assumed that, if there appears to be no copyright symbol or statement of ownership restricting use, these are to be considered  "public domain" images.

MM will not be held responsible for any misuse or abuse of information nor devices of or results of  communication provided herein, within this website NOR for any breeches of security, information or outer , remote surveillance conducted by any entity, individual or source, considered to be a hacker, whether by an individual, secret or hidden entity, including the government of the USA or any other country nation.

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