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NOTE ! -  We do NOT open e-mails that are suspicious and have a prescan system in place (from firewall to automatic warning to IP address identifier capture/grab relay and more sophisticated )  ALL e-mails are prescanned for any type of virus (spyware, malware, etc.) anyone found attempting to hack in to our website, email or computer network systems will be prosecuted to the fullest extent.  WARNING!!!


The email form may be lengthy and appear invasive to some personal, private information.

Please realize the times in which we are living and understand that this information is only a means by which certain "locks and doors", or security blocks, or placed + integrated into. 

This information will NOT be shared with others for the purpose of financial profit, benefits from information trade or barter, or through sharing with ANY other party or persons.  

MM does not collect cookies or require special "plug-ins".  We do use a rerouting system, supplied with SSL (Secure Socket Layers), although no "httpS" appears upon yolasites. 

This said, take a look at the IP documentation device, below, in order that any malicious persons should know that MM is able to trace back through virtually any network or, in other words and furthermore, obtain a display of any visitor and/or e-mailer, including reroutes, IF necessary.

We do not have time to bother, unless absolutely called for, which also might cost us an appreciable amount.  

Please, do not ask US how WE do it. MM is not the security expert, but have volunteers and paid services assisting watch over our personal E-Mail and Missouri Messianic website, as well as some "sister" sites within the Web-Ring.  However, this only applies to OUR immediate, computer network.  

Springfield, MO

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