This word is translated from four words. I have added one other*.
1. SHEOL (Hebrew) 2. HADES (Greek) = abode or state of death.
3. *Gi Hinnom (Hebrew) / GEHENNA (Greek) = Valley of Hinnom
4. TARTARUS (Greek) Bottomless Pit or Abyss for Titans / Giants (Gen.6)
(There is only one occurrence of the word Tartarus.)

Let us address each of these words, separately, according to where they appear within Scripture.


Psalms 16:10  David prays that God will not leave his [physical] soul in hell / sheol.
                        Why would David be sent into the type of hell that many regard as real?
                        Of course, no one need worry about their old bodies, as a new one will be granted.

Acts 2:27-31 David was not forsaken in hell / hades. ( Not abandoned within or given up on… )
Revelations: 20:13   Hell / Hades gives up the dead. :14 Death and Hades are thrown into the
                                 LAKE OF FIRE. (Death swallowed up, forever. β€”β€”β€”-)
                                 How can you throw hell into hell?! Some attempt to teach that when hell
                                 and DEATH are destroyed, those poor souls can no longer die, so live in
                                 burning agony, forever. In sequential context, these are the last two things
                                 to be destroyed, after others have already suffered the SECOND DEATH.
                                 ( More about that, at the end of this study. )

2 Peter 2:4 (singular occurrence) Fallen angels thrown into hell / Tartarus.
                   A place of dense darkness - 2:17
                   ( Compare Jude 6, 13 and Rev. 9:1-3. )
                    This word, not the idea / reality, comes solely from Greek mythology.


Matthew 5:29-30  Yashua spoke in illustrations / allegories, or riddles for a reason.
(Compare Luke 8:10, 10:21, also Mark 4:33-34.)
10:28  Gehenna was a valley used by pagans for vile practices, such as child sacrifice,
18:9  before the arrival of the Israelites to their promised land.  
Mark 9:43-47  In desdain, they turned it into a trash heap, showing contempt.
James 3:6  They threw in refuse, human waste and animal carcasses.
It was a garbage dump.

For sanitary disposal, it was kept burning with fire, using sulfur [powder] and brimstone
(sulfur bricks or chunks).
This is where the worm / maggot does not perish.
However, it served another purpose.
Sometimes the bodies of vile criminals were disposed of there.
Perhaps some suffered the punishment of being thrown in alive!
This will be the case for those thrown into the LAKE OF FIRE.


No, this is not a place with the devil and his pitchfork. Such ideas originated with books
and plays of pure fiction, following mistranslation and misinterpretations of Scripture.
We are to fear God with a healthy respect, rather than have a sickly fear of ha satan.

Revelations  20:10  Satan, along with death and hades is thrown into it.
:14 This means a second and final death.
( Messiah holds the keys to death and hades. Rev.1:18 )
Rev. 19:20, 21:8  Similarity to Gehenna - the Valley of Hinnom.

The punishment upon Sodom and Gomorrah might have seemed very cruel, yet the truth is that
death came very swiftly to those persons. The burning sulfur that fell upon the ground burned
in a manner that fumes would have overtaken virtually everyone, before able to experience any
burning pain of burning flesh.
Once resurrected into a new body, not of flesh, only some type of divine fire can destroy etherial souls.
Once death and hades is destroyed in the lake of fire,
then the words of 1 Cor. 15:55-57 will be fulfilled and quoted.

Rev. 20:11-14
Order of events, following the nearly 1,000 year reign of Messiah over Earth.
Verse 10 tells us that satan is thrown into the lake of fire, were the wild beast
and false prophet had already been casted, at the end of the world system,
about 1,000 years earlier.
Then comes the judgement, before the Great White Throne, as the Earth and
Heavens, as we now know them, are destroyed.
As that occurs hades gives up the dead.
Each soul is judged according to the record of their life, their works.
Anyone whose name is not found written in the book of life is thrown into the fiery lake.
THEN death and hades are destroyed.

Do not become confused by the order in which these events are stated in Scripture.
That was done to make a point.
When ha satan is released from the abyss (Tartarus), he and his minions have fire
come down from Heaven to kill their mortal bodies / physical souls.
These now ethereal souls are all immediately thrown into the lake of fire.
THEN the judgement, which accomplishes the destruction of death and hades.
The warning at the END is to WARN that this punishment of death is FINAL.
A FINAL warning at the END.

Now some necessary insights into the Old English of King Jame,s day.
HELL - To bury or plant, as in HELLING potatoes.
TORMENTS - Binding devices. TORMENTED - Bound down.
Not actual TORTURE.

Why would Messiah deserve to be sent into a place of torment and torture?
Of course, he would have been impervious to harm, just as in the story of
Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego.
( Daniel 3 )
However, this is a reference to preaching to those dead and/or those in Tartarus.
This is a very deep subject, requiring much study and a knowledge of the difference
between mortal human souls and the immortal souls of the fallen angels and their progeny,
also known as the giants, referred to in the sixth chapter of Genesis.
( See 1 Peter 3:18-20 )
This Scripture refers to NOAH,S DAY, when the Titans existed.

This view is very controversial.
For more information and an opposing view, see

As for my personal view, the immortal spirits would be preached to / warned, one last time.
( Compare 2 Peter 3:9 )



You should know about the 1st and 2nd resurrections to understand.

( Resurrection of the righteous and those to be judged. )

( Doesn't Scripture state that God created the Earth to last forever?)

( Where is Heaven? )

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